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Summer Vacay? Think Again.

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Caribbean Blue

Some of my friends are under the impression that teachers have it good because we get a whole three months off.  I am here to dispel that myth for the entire world.  As a teacher, summer is a time for planning, organizing, and reflection.  True we may have at least one good week off, sometimes even two.  The rest is work, work, and work.

I will use my summer schedule as an example.  Next week I will be attending professional development on vertical teaming.  After that, a week-long AP Biology workshop.  I will finish up this month with problem-based learning workshops and summer camp assistance.  When July comes, I will still be plugging away at the problem-based learning workshops and summer camp.  I will also be in attendance at a week-long biodiversity workshop at the Smithsonian and another week-long AP Environmental Science Institute.

In between the many events I will be attending, I will also be in the process of planning for the next school year, reading professional journals and blogs, and working on my own professional blog that you see here.

You see, I do not view summer as a time to rest or play.  I see summer as a time to reflect on the previous year and act in order to better myself professionally.  With the world we live in, there is never enough information to learn.  We are in a world that is changing by the second, and I want to be sure that I am ready for the world at all times.

So those palm tress up there are simply a dream of where I will be able to habitat, only after my mission is done.


Written by Ashley Erin

June 1, 2010 at 10:26 pm

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