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Mini-Grant Winner: Inquiries in Science Kit

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I am very excited right now because I won a mini-grant from Carolina for one free Inquiries in Science Kit.  The four biology kits to choose from were:

  1. Discovering Nucleic Acids
  2. Synthesizing Macromolecules
  3. Analyzing Population Growth
  4. Simulating the Darwinian Theory

As part of winning the grant, I have to give my students a pre and post assessment to be provided by Carolina and give Carolina feedback from myself and my students.  I can also submit a video of my students using the kit. 

The grant application process was very simple.  All I had to do was provide some general information and answer four brief questions.  One of my professional goals for the year is to apply for grants, so it’s nice to have my year start off on the right track.

The kit that I chose is the Discovering Nucleic Acids Kit.  I plan on covering macromolecules in August, so I won’t need that kit right away.  The other two topics are covered in the Spring and I really don’t wait that long before I use the kit.  I’ll have to make sure I post once I use the kit to let you know how it goes.


Written by Ashley Erin

June 16, 2010 at 12:20 pm

Posted in Grants

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