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Creating a Schedule

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My life is becoming increasingly more difficult, mainly due to teaching two new AP classes for the first time (which I was STRONGLY suggested by fellow colleagues to not do!). I am so drained and other responsibilities have suffered as a result. I attended an AP Science Teacher Cadre Meeting and one of the teachers stated that during his first year of teaching AP Biology, he studied three hours a night. I study alot at home, but I will usually spend all night on a class, for example, I just spent the last two hours focusing just on AP Environmental Science. Being that it is past 11 pm, I really do not have the energy or focus to start on AP Bio right now. I need balance in my life!!!

So this is what I am proposing for myself –
Each night I will spend a total of 3 hours of work after school (well once I leave school). Each class will receive 1 hour. I will begin each night with biology. By doing this, any extra time will be spent on my AP classes.

On the weekend I will spend a total of 6 hours a day, 2 hours for each class. The weekend focus will be lesson planning, assessment creation, reflection, and reading.

I don’t know if this will work, but I am definitely going to try to make it work.


Written by Ashley Erin

October 28, 2010 at 11:23 pm

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