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So you have just received your teaching contract or have been offered a position…great…except for maybe you have not set foot in a classroom for many, many years.  Maybe you went to school for another discipline or you had a different career for 20 years before coming to the classroom.  Whatever the case may be, I’m sure there are many emotions running through you – whether it is fear, anxiety, or excitement.

As a new teacher, it can be very tempting to read every book, scour the web for strategies and advice (maybe that’s how you got here!), or ask veteran teachers for advice.  There is nothing wrong about doing these things and you should be commended for your enthusiasm, but before you do anything else I need you to STOP!

Take a minute to envision how YOU want to run your classroom.  How do you see your daily lessons?  What specific procedures do you want to take place in your class?  How do you want your papers headed?

Some may view those questions as a given, but the truth is that there are many teachers that fail to establish classroom routine and procedures.  This is your LIFELINE!!!  Your class will sink or swim based on what you procedures you choose to set up or not set up.

Once you have a clear picture of how you want your class to run, try it out during the school year.  I’m sure that you will discover that some methods are effective while others are not.  This time is an excellent learning opportunity and as the year progresses, you can modify your procedures as you see fit.  The key is that the procedures exist to begin with.

Again, reaching out to outside sources may not be a bad thing.  It’s just very easy to get overwhelmed by information.  Also, the person advising you may like to lead the classroom while you may like for the students to lead with guidance from you.  By setting the stage and determining your classroom routines and procedures, everything else will fall in line.


Written by Ashley Erin

July 18, 2011 at 5:00 am

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