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Accessing You Tube in the Classroom (Memphis City Schools)

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If you teach in Memphis City Schools, I’m sure that you are all too familiar with You Tube being blocked in the classroom and seeing this web page.

Not all items on You Tube are bad, but the reality is that there are many items on the site that are not conducive to a positive school climate.  Few people are aware that there is a resource provided by the district where teachers and access and show You Tube videos without consequence, and that resource is Gaggle.

Yes…Gaggle…the email and student learning portal that you may have heard about, but never really took or had the time to see what it is.  To access this resource, all you really need is the website to login and the name of your You Tube video.  Let’s walk through this with a few screenshots.

To log into Gaggle, you will need to enter into the web address bar.  The following screen will appear.

Your login information is the same as your teacher workstation.  You do not have to register or create a new account.  

Once you login, you should see this screen. (Note: Before this screen, another one may appear asking you for an alternative email address in case you forget your password or you may have to approve the “Terms of Use” for the site.)

There are some really cool features listed and I highly encourage you play around to see what is available for you to use in the classroom.  For now, we’ll stick to You Tube.

Under “Applications” scroll down until you find Gaggletube (filtered You Tube) and click on the icon.

I like to type in the specific name of the video along with the You Tube author name for quick results.

All related videos appear and now all you have to do is click and play!  Quite simple isn’t it!  You can even add them to “My Videos” for quick future access.

I love using Gaggletube because it is safe and reliable.  You will never have to worry about it being blocked one day because it is provided  by the district and only teachers can access Gaggletube.

Give it a try and please let me know how it works for you!


Written by Ashley Erin

August 1, 2011 at 5:00 am